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Viewer Mail with Rick, the Reedshark Hunter

G'doi maiyte! Oim Rick, tha Reedshaark Hunta' Oi've been gettin a lawt uv viyewa maiyle efta' thet layst shauw we deed on tha Wahrith, and oi wanted ta tayke a leyttle toime ta eynsaw some of your queystions eynd conceurns.

I checked out your Warath episode, and I am having a hard time believing that U'U is a seasoned naturalist. Are you just covering up for the fact that you are too low-level to visit Linvak yourself? I'm a fairly experienced adventurer, and something seems fishy here.

A response is appreciated,
Fist de Yuma

Dear Sir,
OI've racaived seyvral meysiges much loik your's, and OI'd like to cleyah this misconceptshin up roight neayw. U'U is a taylented soientist and an ixpert et what he does. Oi think his weurk speaks for itseylf. As fer me neyvah heyvin been ta Linvek, weyll, thet's radicyalis. Eit jest so heypens OI heyv a few pictcheurs roight heya fraum moi leyst trip! Feyst yer oiys on theys!

Mr. Hunter,
After the airing of your recent Warath episode, my young vassal, Billy the Bold, decided he wanted to be a naturalist too, and was horribly gored when he got too close to a Warath. I am furious that you and your show could be so irresponsible as to put these ideas into the impressionable minds of our vassals. You should be ashamed.

Evelyn Starshine

Ms. Starshine,
OI was terrablay sohrry ta hear of your veyssels injury. We do eywr bist to iynform vyewas that what we do is daynjeris, eynd should awnlay be attimpted boiy prafeshinals such as owrseylves. OI gees we waran't cleyah enough in eywr Wehreyth episode thet these aah unpredictable and woild croitchehrs in very daynjeris situayshuns. OI'll pehhrsonallay mayke sheur thet these waahnings ah more prominint in futcha' ehdishins. Moiy apalogeyhs, eynd bist wishes ta youh veyssel for a quick ricovaray!


Hi Rick!
U'U is so cool! I can't believe he had the guts to get so close to a Warath! Can you tell him I think he's very brave, and can I have his autograph? Also, if he is looking for a vassal, I would gladly pledge loyalty.

Billy the Bold

U'U is on assoinmint et tha maument, but when 'e retuuhns, Oi will leyt 'im knauw. Iyn the meantoime, Oi'm sendin you a Reedshaahk Hunna' t-shirt, soined boi me!


noob! Waraths R cake. My fellowship ran into one the other day, and we 0wn3d him! If you want a real challenge, why don't you stop by the FFA area this weekend? There's a cool animal we want you to see...

Doms r00l,

Dear Soulreaver,
Oi sahspict the Wehreyth your grewp slew wahs suffarin' frahm hunga, ohld age, or reybeys. Oi haven't had a cheynce yit ta visit a PvP roigein, but Oi'd lauve ta sie whaut faysinaytin neyw croitchures may be feywn theya! Oi'll give you a holla whin I kin foind tha' toime!

Wheyl, thet's owhl the toime we heyv taday fer vyiewah mayle. See ye nixt toime on tha Reedshaahk Hunna!

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