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Wild Plants of Dereth

Dereth's plants are survivors. Rather than flee underground in the face of devestation, they stand bravely, adapt, and evolve. With Dereth now fragmented, we have 3 distinct biomes and thus 3 very unique sets of plantlife. Get to know these enduring inhabitants!

Wild Plants of Osteth Osteth

Temperate Zone

Summers are warm enough, but winters can include freezing temperatures in both the air and soil. Plants surviving here must be able to tolerate frosts and freezes.
Wild Plants of Omishan

Tropical Zone

Tropical plants have abundant access to the water, sun, and nutrients needed for lush foliage and rapid growth. These plants generally cannot survive winters, and so are restricted to their homelands.
Wild Plants of Linvak
Linvak Massif

Frigid Zone

The plants that brave Linvak are among the toughest on Dereth. They go through their life cycle in just a few weeks of summer and then tolerate extreme cold for the rest of the year. They tend to be short in stature.

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