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G'doi maiyte! Oim Rick, tha Reedshaark Hunta' Oi've been gettin a lawt uv viyewa maiyle, with a whowle meyss o' questions! Since moi laytist adveytchya was seein' tha behrun, Oi thouwt oi'd 'ave moi woife Terra eynsaw saume of your questions regaahding theyse megniyfascent croitures! Toike it ewey, Terra!

Q. Why do the burun say "tumerok"?
A. As sentient creatures, we are often prone to assigning sentience to other creatures in Dereth (anthropomorphism). The guttural noise uttered by the burun may have complex and intricate meaning to another burun, but to us, it just sounds like he's saying "tumerok". It's highly unlikely that this is the case. Burun do seem to prefer attacking tumeroks, but this is probably just coincidence, and not an intentional decision on the part of the beast.

Q. Why can't the moarsman and the burun just get along?
A. The problem here is that we've got 2 large mammals that share the same resource niche. This will always lead to competition, and eventually, one of them is going to get the upper hand and win the competition. This is what we naturalists refer to as Natural Selection. The loser will either be driven to less hospitable conditions, or even extinction. In the case of the moarsman, at least for now, they are surviving in the less hospitable areas of Omishan.

Q. Why do foul moarsman wave their arms when they charge?
A. The main reason for posture displays such as this is a show of aggression. The foul moarsman is telling you, "I'm big and dangerous, you better clear out!" It has also been theorized that the wide webbed hands of moarsman act as airfoils, and the waving actually creates lift and propulsion which may increase their charge velocity.

That's it for now! For more information about the burun, check out Rick's latest adventure!

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