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Plight of the Mimbu

Our expose on the slaughter of reedsharks elicited much feedback. Some felt that we were exaggerating the danger to the reedshark population, while others found a kindred voice in our concerns. However, one viewer, Skulk of Frostfell, felt that in our zeal to protect reedsharks, we were overlooking the equally dire plights of other Derethian creatures. We felt Skulk's voice too should be heard, and present his letter here regarding Mimbu.

Dear Sir,

I would like to express my gratitude in your bringing the plight of the reedsharks to the public's attention. Too often are their woods and forests ransacked by mobs of would-be crafters for their spikes and plates. It is good to see another concerned member of the community striving to show people that reedsharks are much more than a source of crafting materials, and I hope people will cease their brutality against this species.

I feel, however, that there is another species in just as much danger of becoming extinct: Mimbu. It is not the Mimbu's fault that their carapaces, and, to a lesser degree, scarabs, happen to make good weapon-building materials, yet they are also hunted down mercilessly. To make matters worse, Mimbu are an intelligent species, making the harvesting of Mimbu little less than genocide. Daily, their Water Temple north of Mayoi is visited by mobs of people who travel throughout the temple, striking down Mimbu indiscriminately, making a mockery of the sanctity of the place.

The Mimbu's attempts to give friendly greeting are often misinterpreted.

The Water Temple should be a place of reverence, as one can contemplate matters of spirituality, lulled by the gentle noises of the temple's dual waterfalls. Instead, the only noises that can be heard are those of violence.

The Mimbu scarabs, shown here, are only part of the reason Mimbu are hunted.

To compound this problem, Mimbu, like reedsharks, provide very little challenge for an experienced adventurer, and so can be easily killed and shucked for their carapaces. Perhaps if the Mimbu had some stronger guardians, such slaughter would not occur. Even the leader of the Water Temple Mimbu, Chief Benamu, is not strong enough to protect his people from a powerful assault.

Chief Benamu defends an Akeha Mimbu to the last, but his efforts are in vain.

I bring this to your attention so that the Mimbu will have a chance for survival. If the public hears of the endangerment of the Mimbu, perhaps they will seek other materials for crafting, and will let this unique species flourish once more.

I thank you for your time,

- Skulk
  Tumerok Hivekeeper

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