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The Ruins of Old Mayoi

Mayoi. Sun Palms swaying in the balmy breeze, jungles echoing with the sound of mimbu, sandy beaches sparkling in the sun, and the mysterious ways of the Sho combine in a fascinating and inspiring atmosphere unlike any other.

The ancient city of Mayoi offers many fascinating discoveries, both for dedicated researchers and the ameteur archaeologist in all of us. The site is for the most part well-preserved, and contains both pre and post-Golden Age structures, and artifacts from Sho as well as the early Tonk who built the tree city that stands on the site.

For the trained eye the relics here offer many clues to advance our understanding of the ancient Sho culture. Here, we hope to find evidence for widely held assumptions about their primeval way of life, before the three great rivers of human culture flowed together to form the human race we know today.

Archaeological work has just begun on the site, so visitors must respect the designated boundaries. Workers hope to open more displays soon; currently in the works are reconstructions of a bakery and a scribe shop.

Explore an ancient provisions store where newb Sho would sell loot and shop for crafting supplies and bread. The roofless walls hold mute witness to the ghosts of what was a thriving community. From the dimensions of the buildings and storage areas, it is obvious the shop was the center of an extensive trade economy.

Traces of leather found at the site suggest that leather armor was the staple in the Sho wardrobe. Although many of the skills of the Sho leatherworkers are lost to us, history speaks of the high regard in which their work was held.

Next, walk through the hundreds of years as you enter the threshold of Old Mayoi Tavern, where townspeople used to socialize and share rumors over a pint of green tea.

Afterward, return to the tree village historical center for rest and refreshments. Take part in a recreation of an authentic Sho festival dinner. Comfortable accomodations are available for those wishing a more extensive stay.

End your day on a perfect note with a sunset visit to the beautiful calm beaches of the Mayoi Cove, one of the most serene and swimmable beaches in all of Omishan. As you walk along the murmuring ocean, the voices of centuries past whisper almost audible secrets. How tempting to sit on the warm sand and listen to them, to see the world as it was so long ago.