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Fungus Amongus!

There's another Kingdom in town, and I don't mean Shadow. I'm talking about the Kingdom Fungi, home of mushrooms! While we often place mushrooms in the plant kingdom, they actually don't qualify as plants. Fungi lack chlorophyll, an absolute requirement for those wishing to join the Plant Kingdom. Folks who study fungi are known as mycologists.

Mushrooms grow from spores, feed upon either living or dead organic matter, and prefer a moist warm environment as a general rule. Mushrooms come in many shapes and sizes. Some grow to be as large as a person, while many are too small for the eye to see, even with the aid of a crafter's magnifying glass! They are also very colorful, taking on many striking forms both alien and beautiful.

Mushrooms may be found on all over Dereth, from the Drudge Citadel Ringway to the damp halls of dungeons such as Toad Keep. Mushroom hunting is a great hobby that pairs exploration with the thrill of the hunt. Looking for mushrooms often entails wandering over great distances, often with no guarantee of success. The conditions in which mushrooms like to grow may be trecherous; slippery muddy marshes or dark humid dungeons. It is a good idea to bring a change of socks!

Some mushrooms are edible, but the great majority are poisonous, some extremely so. It is best to avoid eating wild mushrooms, or at least to consult with a professional mycologist such as Adesar the Mushroom Collector before doing so. Records show that in earlier days, mushrooms were quite popular as an ingredient in many of Dereth's finest dishes. In the coming months, we will begin to identify and record the different mushrooms of Dereth. Perhaps with our exodus from the shelters, many will again take up the proud tradition of mycology!