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Journey to the Farali Wildlife Preserve

Some people like their landscapes neat and tidy. Others like the wilderness, untamed and undisturbed, like you find in the Farali wildlife preserve. Regardless of which camp you're in, few can fail to be moved by a trek through this gorgeous ecosystem, rich with the largest concentration of unique plant, fungi, and animal species in all of Omishan. For hundreds of days, the Farali wetlands have been protected to preserve the natural ecosystem and diversity that are found here. TDC recently made the journey to Farali to see what all the fuss was about.

Our tour started at the preserve's headquarters at Central Farali Outpost. Our guide, a weathered old tumerok named Brogo, was eager to get started. Our trail supplies were already portioned out into individual backpacks, and after taking these up, we were soon on our way to discover the majesty of Central Farali.

The Central Farali region is a relatively swampy part of the preserve, providing ideal habitat for several species of Moarsman and Mucor. We even sighted an Awaro-bal on our tour, though we did not try to approach too closely. These animals are an incredible sight, but are still wild, best observed from a distance. If they choose to wander toward the group in their own time, an aggressive response is less likely, and this is a strictly enforced policy on the preserve. Luckily, the animals have not learned to be afraid of visitors, so they quite frequently wandered within a few yards of us. It is difficult to describe the feeling of being that close to a living, breathing Degenerate Mucor, but it is an experience one never forgets.

As we traveled, Brogo pointed out some of the large deposits of crystal which the region is famous for. So far, mining and development efforts have been restricted to only a few designated areas, but one of the problems the wardens face here is the trespassing by unauthorized natives. These craftsman will sneak into the park under cover of darkness, knowing that if they manage to escape with even a small amount of crystal that it can be sold on the black market for a small fortune. Such crystal-poaching carries a heavy penalty though, and the crafters risk being stunned, injured, or even PK'd for their deeds.

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