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Reedshark Hunter: Stalking the Wild Warath

G'day moites! Eyn welcome ta tha mauwst dayngerous ehdition auf tha' Reedshaak Hunna yit! Woive got a speyshal troit for ye, a giyest neychrauliyst is joinan us taday. Eiyvraywan soiy hiyllau ta U'U! U'U iys a bahayvyeraleyst who speyshauloizes in obsehrvin croitures in tha fieyuld. An e's geud. Taday U'U iys ganna bring us roight enta tha eykshun with ayksklewsaive footage fraum Liynvek feitchurin tew of tha maust ferocious critta's you'd eyva haupe ta moit. Wareyth.

Wareyth ahh biloived ta be the laahgest living meymel on Liynvek Meyssif (toiyrints bein reptilyan). They knauw they're in chaahge, too. The Wareyth heyv liytal feeyah of 'umanoids loik auhrselves, and heyv no quolms WATsoeyvah about hangin around our loifestones eynd pohhtals. The Wareyth heyv leauuned thet towns and pohhtals ah an easy souhce of discahded food, eys wahll eys fresh moit, mate! Dweylahs on Liynvek need ta be vehray caahfol ta cleyn up after themselves, ispishallay whin adventuring in the woilds of Liynvek, or they moight discava an ixtra fellahship membah they deedint envoight!

U'U wahs in the Nepeyth areah a few mahnths beyk, studayin tha breedin hebits of the goiant Wareyth. Suddanlay, a foight broke out! Teuw male Wareyths went ta beytle for the affeykshans of a foimeyl, eynd when Wareyths beytle, it's a soight ta behold! Keep ein moind, U'U is a profeyshanal, ya don't wanna git anywhehr NEYAH as close to a Wareyth as he did for our ixcluewseive footage.

Wareyth ahr nomeydic, and will seek aywt desoirabahl plots of leynd, which thoi will dafeynd viciousloiy frahm otha' maiyl Wareyth. The femaiyls seimplay treyvel frahm soite ta soite, surveyin tha laucayshuns until they discova a soite to their loiking. At this point it is the soite that the femoile has decoided upahn, eynd not actchallay tha mayle. Should anatha maiyl come in and defeyt the owneh of tha spot, he owlso wins tha feemayle. Though this meythid may seem odd, it still ensures that the feiymale will obtaiyn tha strongahst mayte with the least ameuhnt of energy expindid.

Ramimba, what we're about to show you is dayngeris. TOO dayngeris for eyny of you vyewas ta troi eyt hauwm! Eif you see a Wareyth in the woild, do not approach eit! They are immeynsloi strong and equalloiy mean, and will thrauw chunks of eauuth laaahge enough to iynstantlay kill a fully grauwn Lugyin (a different Lugyin, not U'U) as if they were peybahls. Raspikt tha territry of these woild creatures, and do not troi to obtaiyn footage loike this footage we've obtained.

It is becomin more and more common for groups of adveynchras ta geythah on town outskehrts where a Wareyth has appeaahd. This is a veiray foolish priktice, and merely serves to furtha desensitoize the Wareyth to eywoh preysince. As incountas weith the Wareyth incroise, the numba of fataylateys is sure to roise as well.

It beyyhs rihpeating. Wareyths ahr unpreydictibal eynd veyray territorial. Fascinating croitures, but staiy awaiy! Daynjah, daynjah, daynjah! U'U took 'is veiyray loif into 'is heynds ta bring us a leuk at sahm very rareloiy obseuhvd behaivyah of Wareyths during broiding seyson. He easalay could ave doiyd. Please beaah thet in moind as you wohtch tha fahllowoing:

To view this unprecedented event, you will need the free Standard DivX Codec.

Images and footage generously donated by U'U of Frostfell (formerly Leafcull)

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