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Spring in Osteth

Spring has come at last to the continent of Osteth! Wildflowers are popping up everywhere you look. Keep an eye out for the delicate Asheron's Tears and the lively purple Snaptyrants, so named because the individual flowers resemble the snout of a tyrant.

Spring wildflowers may even be seen on Omishan. Though the temperature changes little on this tropical continent, the wildflowers here share a common ancestory with those on Osteth, and therefore a common life cycle. Should you pause to look in the grass, you will probably notice the bright yellow and red Sundrops in bloom.

Some rather unusual behavior by the drudges has resulted in the damming of Lake Blessed at Rithwic. This has left mudflats on some shore areas, which provide a tempting buffet for birds, who gather here to feed on the small insects and worms burrowing in the soft mud.

Spring is also the breeding season for reedsharks, so you may see a greatly increased number of these beautiful beasts out and about, particularly on the mudflats SE of Rithwic. Be careful, though! Breeding season puts both the males and the females in a much more aggressive mood than normal, making them unpredictable and dangerous. They seem to be congregating very close to the drudge huts on the mudflat (possibly in search of nesting areas), and even the drudges know to keep their distance.

If you'd like a closer look at reedsharks, check out our new section, Reedshark Hunter! Your host, Rick is a naturalist who has a special love for animals, especially reedsharks, earning him the nickname "Reedshark Hunter". All in good fun, of course, as Rick would never actually hunt reedsharks! Join Rick as he gets up close and personal with the beasts of Dereth.

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