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Desktop Dereth

Bring a little bit of Dereth to your desktop with these stunning landscape and creature shots.


Dereth is full of Wonders!
Olthoi Hive The Olthoi's Den
Sundermont The Sundermont
Deru by Moonlight Deru by Moonlight
Doomshark The Regal Doomshark
Kydi Vault Kydi Vault Mists
Cobalt Vault Cobalt Vault
Linvak Tukal Linvak Tukal
Lost Wish Trees Osteth Lost Wish Trees
Crumbled Sanctuary Crumbled Sanctuary
Lodrog Lodrog
Linvak Frozen Ravine Secrets of the Ravine
Frozen Ravine Linvak Crystal Formations
Farali Dwellings Farali Dwellings
The Great Deru Tree The Great Deru Tree
Wind Flayer Wind Flayer
Marsh Armoredillo Marsh Armoredillo
Red Soldier Wasp Soldier Wasp
The Night Sky Starry Night
Ruins of Old Cragstone Old Cragstone Ruins
Stunning Sunset Majestic Sunset

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