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Reedshark Hunter: Reedsharks of Rithwic

G'doi maiyte! Oim Rick, tha Reedshaark Hunta'! Taday, oim gawna be takin YEW inta tha haart of REEDSHARK territ'ry! We're gonna see all koinds of shaarks, eyldurs, veytruns, and eef we're lawky, eyvin progenita's, the most beyeuutoiful of awwl the reedshaarks!

We'll stat awr sech in the Rithwic mudflayts. Nayw these flayts aan't neyturawl, thoi weh croiaytid aatificiulay boi tha drudgis! But the shaaks, thoiy dawnt give a haowt; thoi see a temptin' habitet, and thoi meuve roit on en!

Ye see, eets spriyng en Owsteyth, and sproing means awnlay won thang teuw tha shaarks - broiding seasin! And fer a reedshaark, theyer is noaw betta' ploice on Derith ta roise a brood o' yawng theyn on tha mudfleyts, baycowz tha mawtha shaark kin burreaw deown eyntew the mud and make herhself a cowzy leittle neyst. Eeif tha droidges had paid a leetil mawr attention to nayture, thoi moight nawt 'ave feywn themseylves foice ta foice with a banch ouf teystey naibeurs!

Owwl theis means fer us thaugh, is a groit chence ta see a lawt of deyferrent toiypes uf reedshaarks ein one ploice. Let's gauw 'ave a lewk!

C'ough, look theyr, eet's an ironjauw reedshaark! Ironjauws aur quot reyare, what a soight to beyhewld!

Neyw oI heyve ta warn yew, dauwn't eva' git this clouws teyw a shaark on youwr aywn; oi'm a troined professional, and oi've spent moi hawl loif stawdyin thoise croitures. Oi know theya behaivya, and oi know heaw clouws oi kin git bafour thoy feel loik oim invadin theyr territ'ry.

'Ave a lewk et iys ferowcyus clauws, 'ey's aaarmed fer beytle! ey kin awlso roillay deeg een ta tha grawnd, givin im an ixtra beuwst teu is rawn spoid whin e's chaysin deuwn proi! Hoooeeey!

Neyw oim gawnna troi ta trenquiloize an eylda', so we kin get a betta look et is beyewwtifouwl colorayshin. Dawn't worray, moi tranquiloizer errows wean't dew enny peyrmenint haarm. Eyill woik ep jest foine in an houer or seaw, no worries!

They're...he's eyewt loik a loigt. 'ave a look at theis! He's a vury 'ealthoi specimin, lewk et is gowwgeuws goldin coloratshin! Jest lewk et theyaus claws, ya dauwnt want ta git teau clauwse ta thoyws!

Eynd cheyck eyeuwt the gowgeuys stroiping on 'is foreleigs eynd spoik. C'ough, what a beaut! We betta meuve on now, thaeu, oim gonna attimpt ta wrangle up a progenita. Woit till you get a lauwd ef tha colorayshen on theyt rippa!

Yes! Theyre's a progenita roit neyaw, jest ova thet roise! Oi'm ganna troi tew git en cleaws, so oi kin bay sure of taggin im weith moi tranquiliozer.

Steyday...oim movin in sleaw, oi daywnt want ta staartle im. Easy, oh, you're a beig wan, aren't ya? Youwre owwl roit, moiyt. Uh eyeaw. Soi heaw hoi's rearin' up on is hoind leg loik thet? He's sayin', "Oim big, and oim bayd. Don't meyss weth mey!" Oi'm almost clauws enouf ta tag im thaugh, just a bit clauwsa...

Oi! Ey's chaargin! Look eyewwt!

C'ough, thet was TEAUUUW CLEAAAAUUUWS! Oi meneged ta put im ta sloip weith moi trustay beyw, biyt in the prowsiss 'e took a boiyt outta moi aarm! Whew, noutay shaark! Oi betta git a tourniquit on theis. Jest a reymoinda thet theyz enimels ahr woild croitures, and thoi deyewnt toik teyeww koindlay teyw intreuwda's!

But now thet e's eyewt, come 'ave a look at im! Isn't he gooorrwwwgeeous? Wheeeww! The progenita has boi faar the meywst stroiking maarkings of enny reedshaark!

Oim seayw gleyd woi gowt ta soi these incredible enimels up clauws and peursenal taday. Be shu teu joyin mey nixt toime, es oi breng YEW a shaark's oi vyiew ef en ektuel reedshaark neyst! Eef we'ya lawkay, we moit eyvin foind sem beybei shaarks wheyl theiya mum goes off ta ave a feyd!

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