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Reedshark: Species in Peril?

The Reedshark is a beast well-known for its quick temper and tendency to charge without provocation. But this animal deserves as much consideration as any other when it comes to its right to survive and persist on this world. And that right is currently being challenged.

Despite its clumsy appearance,
the reedshark is surprisingly agile and sure-footed.

Reedsharks live in loose social clusters on the grassy plains and open woodlands of Osteth. When Isparians first settled in Dereth, reedsharks could be found from Northern Osteth as far south as the border of the Linvak Mountains and across much of the continent. They were apparently increasing in numbers and it is thought that they would have spread through the passes of the Alphus Range and onto the plains of the Stonehold Valley.

With the coming of Isparians, however, they were hunted so relentlessly that they became nearly extinct. Our time in the shelters has given the reedshark population a chance to recover somewhat, but now with our emergence, the future of these beautiful creatures is once again in jeopardy. The rising popularity of the crafting trade has resulted in a market for reedshark spikes and plates that the population cannot keep pace with.

Casualties of the crafting trade
killed only for their plates and spikes.

The most viable method of conservation at this time is to reduce the number of principle markets for reedshark products. The only way to reduce the market is to reduce the demand. If these crafters are not so highly compensated for their goods, or if the crafters themselves refuse to pay a premium for reedshark spikes and plates, then much of the incentive will be taken away from those who slaughter reedsharks on a large scale.

Alternative loot sources can be found on any creature in Dereth, and we no longer need to craft our own. Synthetic loot will function almost as well as hand-crafted items, and in rare cases even better. The reedsharks will not continue to respawn forever, and the price of our greed may very well be to see this animal vanish from the continent.