The Joy of Cooking

--by Ramen, Head Chef

Note: This guide is merely an introduction, barely scratching the surface of Dereth's gastronomic delights. To learn more, we recommend Julia Child's Cookbook. Study, grow great, then contact us!
Chapter 1: The Basics
The finest dishes must start with simple yet crucial initial steps. For many dishes, the starting point is dough.

added to produces

To produce good dough, the water and flour must be pure. Any bits of debris such as olthoi legs or wasp wings will doom your creation from the beginning.

Once you have created a batch of dough, the kitchen is your playground! You can use a noodle cutter on the dough to make noodles. Dough added to cheese creates pizza. Dough added to meat such as chicken pieces or fish fillets makes excellent meat pies. Add an egg and flour, and you create cake batter. Add honey and BAM!, you make cookie dough! You can even make flatbread by using a frying pan on it.
Chapter 2: Nutrition Content
Not all foods are created equal. Just as a fried mushroom restores more stamina than a raw one, so some foods restore more stamina than others. Carol's carrot soup restores 20 stamina, the highest amount any food currenly restores! Meat pies and meat noodle dishes restore high levels as well, at 15 stamina. Dishes made with mushroom always restore slightly less than their meat counterparts. If you are cooking with the goal of maximum point restoration, keep the above in mind.
Chapter 3: Make Your Cooking Sing With Alchemy!
A chef with alchemical skills is a popular chef indeed. Alchemy adds a whole new dimension to cooking, allowing the creative chef to create health and mana-restoring dishes, as well as dishes that restore even more stamina. To a finished dish, add healing oil, mana oil, or victual oil to create healing, mana, or hearty dishes.

The creme de la creme is to add victual oil to healing or mana foods. These twice-infused foods can only be made by highly skilled chefs (even at a cooking skill of 139, I assure you, you will fail most of the time; after 140 or so it starts to get visibly easier), but boy do they pack an amazing punch! Twice infused foods heal more and weigh less than healer's draughts and even potions.

Chef's Note: Though creating alchemical oils uses the alchemy skill, applying them to food uses the cooking skill.
Chapter 4: Dishes You Don't See Every Day
When it comes to mundane dishes like stew or even pizza, we chefs are in direct competition with the local tavern. Of course you want to show off your skills and out-do the lowly tavernkeeper! I have listed instructions below for making my personal favorite, rabbit pie (no, not noodles!)

cut with produces

added to produces (add oil to infuse)

As you can see, this dish is bound to spark comments.