A Brief History of Cooking in Dereth

exerpt from The Joy of Cooking
--by Ramen, Head Chef


In the Beginning…
Cooking in Dereth was not always the grand sport it is today. Foods used to restore less and weigh more. There was also much less variety. Here’s a flashback of the original cooking scene.

Baking Pan
Frying Pan
Carving Knife
Cook pot
Noodle Cutter

Raw Ingredients
Uncooked Rice

Flour + water = dough
Dough + egg = batter
Batter + flour = cake batter
Dough + noodle cutter = Raw Noodles
Dough + honey = cookie dough
Rennet + milk = cheese

Baking Pan + dough = bread
Baking Pan + cake batter = cake
Baking Pan + cookie dough = 3 cookies

Carving Knife + any uncut meat = cuts of meat
Carving Knife + cabbage = coleslaw

Frying Pan + cut of meat = fried meat
Frying Pan + mushroom = fried mushroom
Frying Pan + egg = fried egg
Frying Pan + dough = flatbread

Cook pot + cut of meat = stew
Cook pot + mushroom = mushroom stew

Skewer + cut of meat = meat kabob
Skewer + mushroom = mushroom kabob

Dough + cheese = pizza
Dough + cut of meat = meat pie
Dough + mushroom = mushroom pie
Dough + apple = apple pie

Uncooked rice + cut of meat = meat rice
Uncooked rice + mushroom = mushroom rice
Uncooked rice + grapes = stuffed grapeleaves
Uncooked rice + fish = sushi

Raw Noodles + cut of meat = meat noodles
Raw Noodles + mushroom = mushroom noodles

Batter + bread = viamont toast

Brine + cabbage = kimchi
Brine + egg = pickled egg
Brine + fish fillet = pickled fish

Sudden Season Recipes

In this update, the jelly-like Knath creatures were discovered to carry the mysterious brown lump, and snowmen unwillingly provided the chefs of Dereth with carrots. It was also about this time that rabbits started carrying oregano, lugians fiercely guarded strange sticks, and some creatures like gromnies and mountain rats began to yield hot peppers. Cinnamon, oregano, and hot sauce may now be purchased from the spice merchants in Baishi, Plateau, and Al-Arqas.

Whittling knife + strange stick = cinnamon bark
Mortar and pestle + cinnamon bark = cinnamon
Mortar and pestle + hot pepper = hot sauce

Hot Kimchi
Hot sauce + kimchi = hot kimchi
**Fire Oil + hot kimchi = Flaming Kimchi (casts cold protection self 1)**

Spiced Apple Pie
Cinnamon + apple = spiced apple filling
Dough + spiced apple filling = spiced apple pie

Knaths are still occasionally found in the southern mountains. I buy my red wine at the pub in Qalaba’r.

Cinnamon + mysterious brown lump = spiced lump
Flour + spiced lump = spiced lumpy flour
Spiced lumpy flour + egg = rich lumpy flour
Rich lumpy flour + red wine = fruit cake batter
Baking pan + fruitcake batter = fruitcake

Carrot Cake
Cake batter + carrot = carrot cake batter
Baking pan + carrot cake batter = carrot cake

Carol’s Carrot Soup
Cook pot + carrot = carrot stock
Carrot stock + milk = creamy carrot stock
Creamy carrot stock + cheese = Carol’s Carrot Soup

Famous Pizza
Oregano + pizza = famous pizza

Taste of Twilight Recipes

The sophistication available to Dereth’s chefs grew by leaps and bounds during this time! New cooking equipment was discovered in the form of heavy grinders and metal presses. Brown beans were brought into the mix by banderlings, drudges, and mosswarts. Jolly snowmen were found (near Qalaba’r: 73.2S, 26.8E) who accepted only pyreals, and sold only Magic iceballs. A new use was also discovered for rat tails…

Baking pan + brown beans = cacao beans

Heavy grinder + apple = applesauce
Heavy grinder + beef = ground meat
Heavy grinder + rabbit = ground rabbit
Heavy grinder + magic iceball = crushed ice
Heavy grinder + cacao beans = chocolate liquor

Metal press + chocolate liquor = cocoa powder
Metal press + apple = apple juice

Cold Milk
Crushed ice + milk = cold milk (magic milk of fire resistance)

Chocolate cake
Cocoa powder + cake batter = chocolate cake batter
Baking pan + chocolate cake batter = chocolate cake

Chocolate milk
Chocolate liquor on milk to get bitter milk
Bitter milk + honey = chocolate milk

Ice Cream
Magic ice ball + milk = frozen cream
Frozen cream + honey = ice cream

Green Tea Ice Cream
Frozen cream + green tea = Frozen green tea
Frozen green tea + honey = Green Tea Ice Cream

Chocolate ice cream
Chocolate liquor + ice cream = chocolate ice cream

I purchase coffee in Zaikhal, at the pub. It’s convenient because you can buy milk there too.

Cocoa powder + coffee = mocha base
Mocha base + milk = mocha

Iced mocha
Crushed ice + mocha = iced mocha

Rich mocha
Cocoa powder + coffee = mocha base
Mocha base + milk = mocha
Cinnamon + mocha = rich mocha

Rich iced mocha
Cocoa powder + coffee = mocha base
Mocha base + milk = mocha
Cinnamon + mocha = rich mocha
Crushed ice + rich mocha = iced rich mocha

Milk chocolate bar
Chocolate liquor + cocoa powder = cocoa mixture
Cocoa mixture + milk = milky cocoa mixture
Milky cocoa mixture + honey = a bar of milk chocolate

Dark chocolate bar
Chocolate liquor + cocoa powder = cocoa mixture
Cocoa mixture + honey = a bar of dark chocolate

Ground meat + bread = Holtburger

Spiced Applesauce
Heavy Grinder + apple = applesauce
Cinnamon + applesauce = spiced applesauce

Rat tail + ground meat = sausage
Rat tail + ground rabbit = rabbit sausage
Ravener gut + ground meat = Drudge gut sausage
Ravener gut + rabbit meat = Drudge gut rabbit sausage (unconfirmed)

Hollow Victory Recipes

In a word, pumpkins! This update brought roadside scarecrows with their very own pumpkin collections.

Carving knife + pumpkin = jack o’ lantern
Carving knife + jack o’ lantern = superior jack o’ lantern

Baking pan + pumpkin = cooked pumpkin
Cooked pumpkin + milk = pumpkin liquid
Pumpkin liquid + honey = sweetened pumpkin
Sweetened pumpkin + cinnamon = spiced pumpkin

Pumpkin Soup
Cook pot + spiced pumpkin = pumpkin soup

Pumpkin Pie
Spiced pumpkin + egg = pumpkin pie filling
Dough + pumpkin pie filling = pumpkin pie

The Widening Gyre Recipes

“Lost he his other eye?”
- King Lear, Act 4.2.98

At long last, the abandoned cooking fires of Dereth roared to life! Somewhere, in Northern Osteth, an adventurer had gotten the idea to pluck the eye from a fallen monouga. Later regretting this action, the traveler offered it to a passing chef (you folk are crafty…craft this!). The eye jelly was immediately dubbed “monougat”, and the excited chef rushed off to the Provisioner’s shop.

Remember, gentle reader, that many cultures use parts of animals for food that some might consider uncivilized. In this new land, we must keep an open mind.

Eye Candy (no pun intended…*Snickers*)

Candied Apple
monougat + apple = candied apple

Milk Chocolate Candy Bar
monougat + milk chocolate bar = Milk Chocolate Candy Bar

Dark Chocolate Candy Bar
monougat + dark chocolate bar = Dark Chocolate Candy Bar

And while some chefs grumbled that there were too few new recipes, Ramen couldn’t resist reminding them that it beat a poke in the eye.

Olthoi Egg Recipes

"If life gives you lemons, make lemonade."
- Grandma

The cooks of Dereth have learned to be creative and always look for new cooking opportunities. The rising of the young Olthoi Queen brought just such an opportunity. A few lucky chefs managed to obtain eggs from the Queen herself, and prepared rare delicacies.

Olthoi Eggs can, for the most part, be used as a substitute in recipes calling for regular eggs, such as pickled eggs and fried eggs.

If you are the lucky owner of Olthoi Eggs, Maggie the Jackcat has a great section on preparing olthoi egg dishes!

Fever Dreams Recipes

Somebody call an Iron Chef! A vast banquet was laid before Dereth, the likes of which had not been seen in ages. Delighted chefs ran across Dereth like giddy children. This led to many deaths in the foraging of the Veseyan "Spice" Islands, where nutmeg was rumored to grow. Luckily the ginger plant found the climate of the mainland agreeable. And finally, we chefs put the mysterious peppermint sticks to good use.

Additionally, there were rumors of chefs making animal-shaped cookies. These rumors have since been confirmed, and not only do gingerbread drudges, lugians, and men exists, they can also be proudly hung on the wall of your abode!

Feast your eyes on these new recipes, for a feast it is indeed:

The best thing since, well...loaves of bread!
knife + bread = sliced bread

Fish Sandwich
sliced bread + fish (whole) = fish sandwich

Chicken Sandwich
sliced bread + chicken (whole) = chicken sandwich

Grilled Cheese Sandwich
sliced bread + cheese = cheese sandwich
Frying pan + cheese sandwich = grilled cheese sandwich

Egg Sandwich
sliced bread + egg = egg sandwich

Cragstone Farms Mac and Cheese
raw noodles + cheese = Cragstone Farms Mac and Cheese

Stuffed Mushrooms
knife + mushroom = stemless mushroom
stemless mushroom + cheese = cheese stuffed mushroom
baking pan + cheese stuffed mushroom = stuffed mushroom

noodle cutter + batter = egg noodles
egg noodles + ground beef = Cragstonanoff

Hot chocolate
cooking pot + milk = hot milk
hot milk + honey = sweetened hot milk
sweetened hot milk + cocoa powder = hot chocolate

Chocolate Cookies
cookie dough + cocoa powder = chocolate cookie dough
baking pan + chocolate cookie dough = chocolate cookies

Start with a nice fine rice flour...
heavy grinder + rice = rice flour
rice four + water = rice dough

Chicken Dumpling
rice dough + chicken (whole) = chicken dumpling

Fish Dumpling
rice dough + fish (whole) = fish dumpling

Peppermint Cookies
peppermint + cookie dough = peppermint cookie dough
baking pan + peppermint cookie dough = peppermint cookies

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies
peppermint + chocolate cookies = peppermint chocolate cookies

Peppermint Chews
peppermint + monougat = peppermint chew

Peppermint Chocolate Bar
peppermint + chocolate bar = peppermint chocolate bar

Peppermint Ice Cream
peppermint + monougat = peppermint chew

Peppermint Hot Chocolate
peppermint stick + hot chocolate = peppermint hot chocolate

Ginger plants can be found, like dye plants, growing randomly across Dereth.

heavy grinder + ginger = ground ginger

ground ginger + dough = ginger dough
baking pan + ginger dough = gingerbread

Gingerbread Cookies
ground ginger + dough = ginger dough
cookie cutter + ginger dough = uncooked gingerbread (drudge/lugian/man)
baking pan + uncooked gingerbread cookie = gingerbread (drudge/lugian/man)

"They say the Veseyan Islands are dark, but there is nutmeg there", Ramen reminded herself over and over as she wandered about the island getting stung by wasps...

heavy grinder + nutmeg = ground nutmeg

ground nutmeg + milk = spiced milk
spiced milk + egg = eggnog

Carrot Cake Soup
knife + carrot cake = carrot cake cubes
carrot cake cubes + milk = carrot cake soup
(which might actually taste pretty good)

Final Analysis

So here’s where we stand today on cooking items:

Baking Pan
Frying Pan
Carving Knife
Cook pot
Noodle Cutter
Whittling Knife
Heavy Grinder
Metal Press

Raw Ingredients
Uncooked Rice
Hot Sauce
Magic Ice Balls
Brown Beans (chocolate liquor, cocoa powder)
Rat tails
Drudge guts
Olthoi Eggs
Peppermint Sticks