estled among the rolling hills near Cragstone at 23.4N, 46.2E, Cragstone Farms Catering has been serving the intrepid adventurers of Dereth since the beginning!

Carefully hand-selected and prepared with the greatest care, our products are made with only the finest, freshest country ingredients. Many of our ingredients are grown on-site by the reknowned farmer Pogget, regarded by many as outstanding in his field.

We cater a range of social gatherings, from peasant picnics to royal banquets, and will add that special touch to your next engagement! Contact us to talk about catering your next event.

We carry the finest selection of gift baskets in Dereth, perfect for that loyal vassal or "patron who has everything". Our baskets can be tailored with mana, health, or stamina foods, depending on your needs.