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When Cragstone Farms Catering has planned a complimentary banquet, or is catering an open-invitation event, this is the place to find all the lucious details! You can also read about developments within Cragstone Farms, the additions of new staff, and other highly interesting tidbits.

11/04/02: CFC Movie Outings 2002

If you live in the Boston area (i.e., New England), you are invited to join some of your fellow AC'ers for lunch and a movie! Like last year, the movie outings kick off with the next Harry Potter film, Chamber of Secrets on its opening weekend, November 16th. Visit our Ice Cream Socials page for more information.

10/31/02: Haunted Yanshi Pictorial

Well, the Cragstone Farms Halloween Parties are over for this year, and we have prepared a pictorial of some of the memorable moments that were captured.

A HUGE thanks goes out to all the allegiances and players who made this event a real blast to run! No amount of planning can take the place of enthusiastic participation.

10/21/02: Haunted Updates

Though all seemed quiet and charred in Yanshi, something was stirring, growing...and it wasn't the Harbinger! But even the Harbinger would be unable to resist joining us in haunted Yanshi for trick-or-treating, contests, and costume mania!

NOTE: The event is no longer planned for Solclaim, but has been newly confirmed for Frostfell!

Cragstone Farms is proud to announce that the event is confirmed on 5 servers!

Leafcull, hosted by the Keepers of the Second Homeland: Oct. 19th 2-5 PM EST
Wintersebb, hosted by The Paladins of Asheron, Oct. 24th, 7-10 PM EST
Thistledown, hosted by The Dragoons of Dereth, Oct. 26th, 2-5 PM EST
Morningthaw, hosted by the Family of Valor: Oct. 27th 6-9 PM EST
Frostfell, hosted by the Guns of Dereth allegiance: Oct. 29th 6-9 PM EST

Should your server not be mentioned above and your allegiance wishes to host this event, contact us. Contest and Prize details have been added to our Party Page!

09/16/02: Haunted Happenings

You didn't think Cragstone Farms would let our favorite holiday go by without a fight, did you? Plans are underway for a Halloween party in the haunted ruins of Yanshi! Dress up in your holiday finest and join us for food, trick or treating, prizes, and of course, the torchlight tours!

08/17/02: CoD Cookoff!

If for some strange reason you come here for all your AC news and not AC Vault or Crossroads of Dereth, then you need to know about the cooking contest going on at the Crossroads! If you have a pet recipe (not literally) you've always wanted to see in-game, for heaven's sake go submit it!

07/15/02: ACPL3: Return of the Living Devs

Ok, all the cool kids are doing it, so we will too. Cragstone Farms presents the following delicacies from the third annual player luncheon, conveniently packaged to go.

Hungry Olthoi - didn't this hotel fumigate??
Cyril and Soulitaire - helping out with registration
Rho ponders the overhead clearance in the room.
AC Fans - including Salmoneus on the right. Crikey!
Charlotte - Turbine's secret emote consultant.
Y-O-D-A - Animated so you can dance along!
The Faran Robe, given away in the raffle. chic, no?

Maggie and Ned Yes, the rumors are true. Ned's HOT.
The real Olthoi Queen, Sue Anne, creator of the sterling olthoi!
Post Party portrait - Chris and a girl with cool hair!
Snarkie! and her beau, Stormwaltz
Car Bombs - the legend continues
When Bugs Attack - Sean falls victim to the infamous Wi Flag

02/19/02: Bring Dereth Home!

Ever wondered, "green tea ice cream? Where'd they get THAT?" or thought to yourself, "Drudge gut sausage? Sounds kind of tasty..." Well now you can boldy leap even farther across that pointless line that separates "real" life and AC! Get cooking with these Isparian recipes!

11/05/01: CFC Announces Movie Gatherings!

In an attempt to pry any Boston-area players away from their gaming, CFC is announcing a REAL-LIFE (RL) gathering! The first such event will be a group outing on 11/17 to see the upcoming Harry Potter movie in Framingham, MA. If all goes well, these events should continue when there is worthy filmage to be seen (read: Lord of the Rings). Get the whole scoop on our new Ice Cream Socials page!

10/09/01: New October Recipes

A resounding cheer came from the chefs of Dereth, as they discovered at long last new recipes! And behold, the new items even included proper credit to their creator! With the help of the honorable Tharkun of Morningthaw (who slew the fearsome giant), Ramen acquired the coveted but somewhat questionable monougat, and went to work immediately!

Look for full details in our Recipe History Section!

9/20/01: CFC Has a Beef With the Master of the Herd!

In a recent house-hunting trip across Dereth, Ramen locked horns with the ornery Master of the Herd. A level 18 auroch who is much tougher than he looks, and after 2 rounds of hit and run war magic, Ramen returned for the kill to find that the auroch had somehow disappeared! Enraged by missing out on such fine steaks, the chef returned to CFC with a serious cow chip on her shoulder and vowed to tenderize the flippant Master of the Herd (who is far too tough for his own good). Upon telling her tale at the Cragstone Pub, Ramen learned of other adventurers who had been similarily thwarted by the smirking steer.

At the risk of inciting the AC Environmental Defense League, CFC has issued a bounty of two dozen hearty healing holtburgers for anyone who can bring us the fire auroch horn dropped by the Master of the Herd and his ilk. The initial offer extends to Solclaim, Harvestgain, and Morningthaw. Click here for more details.

2/11/01: CFC Expands to Wintersebb, Launches Message Board

The anniversary of CFC inspired Ramen to get to work on a couple long-overdue projects. The Wintersebb branch of CFC has finally started to stir, and I'm proud to announce Squick the Alchemist (a.k.a. Squick the Archer) as our head chef on this server!

I have also been looking for a good message board to add to the site, and liked the Culinary Institute of Dereth's boards. I have created a forum for general discussion, and one for each server. Feel free to discuss any cooking or trade-related issues on these boards, whether you are a chef of CFC, or just a patron of the culinary arts. And let us know what you think!

2/10/01: CFC Anniversary Bash!

Well, the anniversary bash was a fair success. While nobody was able to successfully ride a cow, it was at least discovered that Pogget's cows can be persuaded to return to the barn. After about an hour, we decided that there was going to be way too much food for the turnout, so we took our party on the road! Axed, Lorien, Merlyn, and Ramen hit the towns of Qualaba'r, Cragstone, Hebian-to, and Zaikhal. Literally hundreds of hearty healing foods were passed out to random adventurers, and we hope that many came to know and enjoy the fruits of our humble craft.

1/11/01: Valentine's Day Couples Ball on Thistledown

Hi, this is Autumnmyst Head Chef of Thistledown Cragstone Farms Catering. We will be hosting a Couples Ball at the Nanto Waterfalls for all the lovebirds that are around. The date of the event is February 10th at 8:00 pm EST. We will have a Trivia Contest and a Best Dressed Contest, with a sample of the foods we make. We will also be available to make Gift Baskets for all those that would like to express their feelings to their loved one.

If interested in a basket contact Head Chef Autumnmyst with questions!

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