CFC Ice Cream Social Movie Outings

Live in the Boston Area? Feeling guilty about all those hours chained to the PC? We have the answer, come see a movie! All are welcome to attend this hopefully soon to be regular event!

The events will take place in Framingham, MA, at the Framingham 16 theater conveniently located on Route 9. Outings will include a stop at the nearby Ben and Jerry's Scoop Shop for hearty healing ice cream and chatting. From there we will portal to the theater to camp the latest and greatest offering. Afterward, the fellowship will journey to the John Harvard's Brew House (also a lifestone's throw away from the theater) where we will sample the tavern's foods and spirits.

Sound good? Then mark your calendar!

Maps & Directions:
CAUTION: MapQuest directions are notoriously buggy. One of the easiest ways to get to the Framingham 16 is 128 to Route 9W. When coming down 9 West, the theater is on the right side, not to be confused with the smaller cinema on the left side of the road. Confirm any MapQuest directions with an actual map!
Ben and Jerry's, Natick
Framingham 16
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2002 Movie Outings

At this time, the following sequels are being planned to last year's movie outings:

Recap, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
Date: Saturday, December 21, 11 AM showing
Thanks to all for coming, we had a decent group (about 15 all told), and everybody had a great time! I think people liked the movie, too ;^)

The line was crazy, even so early in the morning, but we had more than compensated by arriving early, and secured the first place!

The theater was excellent, with comfortable seats and a semi-stadium setup that put us eye level with the screen without blocking our view. Even the coffee was good!
Recap, Outing #2: Fellowship of the Ring
Date: Saturday, December 29, 2001
The Few, The Proud

The turnout for this occasion was lower than expected, and yes, yes, we understand why. You want to see it opening weekend! So in 2002, Two Towers will most certainly be an opening weekend movie outing. Still, a good time had once again, and good company!
Recap, Outing #1: Harry Potter Premier
Date: Saturday, November 17, 2001

A Good Time Had By All
Well, the phenomenon known as Harry Potter, Opening Weekend has come and gone, and a delightful time was had by all! (Apologies to the 2:30 group for timing preventing a merge at John Harvard's).

It wasn't perfect. But it was a good start, and much was learned. Next time will be even better! Below are a couple pictures of the shindig.

Ramen prays that the group shows up before too many more theater patrons ask, "is that from Harry Potter?".

The John Harvard's 12:45 group (clockwise): Sean, Charlotte (sporting Potter-wear), Sean, Circeus, Stacy-Ann, Robert Aluvsun, Ibn Schachabo, Janis, Carol.