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Calling All Botanists

Our botany call to action has already begun to be answered. We've just added submissions from two of our loyal viewers, clearing up the mystery of Osteth Cavern Grain and the new discovery of the Arroyo Plant on Omishan. The Arroyo Plant has yet to be photographed, so if anyone spots one, please feel free to send us a picture!

Keep those submissions coming! This is your chance to play with the game lore, add a hint of real-life plant information (if you wish), and have a little fun creating our Derethian natural history (in a sort of unofficial yet uncontested way - whose to say our ancestors didn't use field grain to make their flour?).

As time goes by, the TDC staff will as usual work to identify these and future entries, but if you'd like to beat us to it, we will gladly display your efforts. Dereth belongs to all of us, after all!

You don't need to submit every piece of information; we'll fill in the blanks. You are, as always, also welcome to submit new entries. Keep in mind that plant images will end up 200 x 200 pixels for our guide (don't submit anything smaller than that), and descriptions should be kept to approximately 100 words or less. Latin names, if provided, should sound "latiny", but need not make actual sense.

Dereth is full of wonders, and we have barely scratched the surface of its plantlife. We need the help of all you ameteur botanists out there to complete this task.

NOTE: The plant-naming endeavors of this site are in no way official or endorsed by Turbine/Microsoft. They are simply for fun.

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